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Your weekly source for 30, 60 and 90 minute mixes for Indoor Cycling/Spinning

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How To Subscribe via iTunes:

For other media programs please consult how to add RSS Feed from that programs help menu.

IMPORTANT your individually encrypted RSS Feed works only from your computer’s IP Address. Do not share your login information. This RSS feed will be automatically cancelled if more than one IP address attempts to download content.

1. First log-in to the website and you will see your membership information in the sidebar to the right.

iTunes Login 01 300x156 Get Content via iTunes


2. Select RSS Feed, Right Click and select PC Copy Link Address – Mac Copy Link Location.


iTunes Login 02 300x187 Get Content via iTunes


3. Open iTunes, Click on Podcast in the left hand pane, then go to File, Subscribe to Podcast, and then Paste to enter your individually encrypted RSS address, select Ok, and iTunes will now list the Show.

Step 3a Get Content via iTunes







Step 3b Get Content via iTunes







Step 3c Get Content via iTunes







4. You should now see IndoorCyclingMusic showing up in your list of podcasts. On the top right you will see 2 setting Old Episodes and Settings.

Step 4a Get Content via iTunes







Clicking on Old Episodes will show you a list of all of the content that you can download. You can then select which shows to download or simply select ‘Get All’ to download all of the content at once.

Step 4b Get Content via iTunes








IMPORTANT, to ensure you are receiving all of our content automatically as it is released you need to ensure that Defaults are set correctly.

Step 5b Get Content via iTunes








5. Choose Defaults and ensure that the following are set as follows:

  • Check For New Episodes: Every day
  • Automatically Download: All Episodes
  • Episodes To Keep: All Unplayed

Step 6a Get Content via iTunes







6. You may also wish to adjust how long you keep your members content by adjusting the Episodes To Keep setting, then select Ok then Done.

Step 7 Get Content via iTunes







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