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Your weekly source for 30, 60 and 90 minute mixes for Indoor Cycling/Spinning

30 Min Cardio Mix 267

30 Min Cardio Mix 267

Run Time: 30:18
BPM 136

If you want what you hear, just follow the links to the songs in the playlist below to get them.
download icon 30 Min Cardio Mix 267Download 30 Min Cardio Mix – 267 (mp3)

Warm It Up
00:00 Lee KaltTaking Over  | Free Download

Crank It Up
05:05 Roland ClarkFirst Night Of Your Life (RC Light Show Mix) | Free Download
11:20 Monster TaxiGet Off (feat. Ish Ledesma) | Free Download
16:14 DeFusionMooncloud (feat. Julia Dowler) | Free Download
20:25 Crystal CastlesNot In Love (feat. Robert Smith) | Free Download

Cool It Down
23:47 Blue Tribe - The Buddha Bar Remixed | Free Download

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