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Your weekly source for 30, 60 and 90 minute mixes for Indoor Cycling/Spinning

30 Min Cardio Mix 262

Run Time: 34:04

If you want what you hear, just follow the links to the songs in the playlist below to get them.

download icon 30 Min Cardio Mix 262Download 30 Min Cardio Mix – 262 (mp3)

Run Time: 34:04

Warm It Up
00:00 The Sound Of Arrows - Wonders (Visitor Remix) | Free Download

Crank It Up
04:40 Holmes Ives and Lane McCrayBoom (Stan Kolev’s Filtered Funk Remix) | Free Download
10:47 VHS Or BetaAll Summer In A Day (Turbotito Remix) | Free Download
16:19 RendezvousThe Murf (Timothy Allan Radio Remix) | Buy on
19:27 DJ ArkAngelDown Low (3 AM Breaks Mix) | Free Download
25:51 School of Seven BellsHalf Asleep | Buy on iTunes

Cool It Down
28:55 Jonny LangThankful | Buy on iTunes

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